Weekend Wrap Up

Busy weekend, and aside from my rant in which I got dramatic and quoted a Les Mis song, (thank you, GLEE, now get out of my head) we had a really good time.

We attended two BBQs and one parade. We got the gazebo up around the pool and I actually took a swim!  In May! I think that’s a first. It was chilly, but I am proud to announce that I did not lose any toes to frostbite.

We have a big, big weekend coming up, with a huge celebration for a very special girl. Everyone is running around like a lunatic and I feel like my house is a scene out of Steel Magnolias when they are preparing for the wedding in the beginning.

There is old furniture being moved; there is new furniture being brought in. There are toilets to clean; there are tents, tables, and chairs to set up. There are high expectations for a large purple dinosaur who has been invited to attend the extravaganza. We are finally having a proper 2 year old birthday party for Leah, and I am she is very excited!

More to come...

One of these people is very excited for the parade to start.
The other...is not.

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