This weekend I got to spend some time with my husband and my daughter. We didn’t do anything super exciting, but being together was really special.

It's good to just chill every once in a while.  To calm down and relax and not take for granted all that I have.

To leave the laundry, the dusting, the dishwasher, the everything.

I need to appreciate a little girl running.

A little ninna-nanna.

A rest in a chair.

A strawberry smile.

Or the fact that she now sleeps with the lights on.  And don't even try to turn them off in the middle of the night because you. will. be. sorry.  (What the heck is this all about? She just up and decided this weekend that she needs the lights on all night.  Despite the fact that she's never needed the lights on and has a night light.  As always, comments appreciated.)
So yeah, we had a good weekend.  And now it's back to work.  And to school.  And to the laundry.  Hope you enjoy your week.  A couple of cool cats 'round these parts got married three years ago tomorrow.  They say that the 3rd anniversary is leather and crystal.  Since neither of those items can be purchased on my lunch break at Walmart, in this house three years signifies going out to dinner, I guess. 

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