Weekend Wrap Up

Leah here. My mom’s not feeling well today, so I told her I’d take over the website and give everyone a weekend update.  It's all about me, anyway.  She sometimes complains of being tired because, get this, she thinks I get up too early, but that's just crazy talk.  Moving on.

Friday night we had to run to the store for wrapping paper, because my friend Shanny’s birthday party was on Saturday. I picked out hot pink paper and Mommy let me hold it on the way home.

Then on Saturday morning, before the party, I had some welding to do. Safety first of course.

We headed to my Grandpa’s Luncheonette for breakfast and I fell asleep on the way home. It happens. My car seat is pretty comfortable.

On Sunday mornings I like to read. Sometimes it’s the paper, sometimes it’s my Little Mermaid notebook. Whatever’s available, you know?

Oh, this is such a good part!

So, that's it!  Hope you had a good weekend, too!

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