17 Things I Like

In no particular order...

1) A clean house.

2) A new purse.

3) A spa pedicure.

4) This song.

5) When Leah puckers her lips to give me a kiss.

6) Walmart's Indulgence Trail Mix.

7) When I make my husband laugh and he's trying hard not to.

8) When I get every single thing on my work to-do list done for the day.

9) It Se Bit Se underwear.

10) Miney.

11) The way Leah asks people if they want a Slurpee.

12) Weekends with no plans.

13) Thursday wine nights.

14) David Gray.

15) The way I feel after my run is complete.

16) Listening to Leah sing along to a CD in the car.

17) Laughing.  Really laughing.  Laughing so hard I'm crying. 

Dana, July, 1978

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