About a Boy

This is Greg.

Greg recently began working with my dad.

So far, it appears to be going well.

I'm a nervous wreck, though, thinking about how the two men in my life now spend over 8 hours a day with each other.

I'm afraid that this might end in my not speaking to one of them.

Or both.

In addition to working with my dad,
which, believe me, I could NEVER do,
Greg is an awesome dad to one Miss Cha Cha.

Who is slightly obsessed with her new "bike."

But this weekend we are going to try to not be too high maintenance,
or demanding, or attention-seeking,
as us girls are sometimes wont to do,
and we are going to do special things for Greggy.

Yes, there will still be biking...

And don't forget looking cute...

But we'll also try to spend some time together as a family and appreciate all that we've got.

And all that's still to come.



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thats one hot husband u have!