Just, Sit Back...

Lately, Leah has been showing some personality traits that very closely resemble her father's.  While she already has many of his interests, like the outdoors and gardening, she is now portraying qualities like stubborness, impatience, and moodiness, which Greg seems to ALSO portray. 

Now, don't get me wrong; I too can occassionally be those things, but Greg seems to be them a lot more than me.  And, when it comes to our family unit and family matters, I feel that I am much more relaxed and open to opposing opinions and suggestions than my husband.  And my daughter.

And, please don't think that I am only focusing on the unsavory qualities, it's just that these seem to outshine the pleasant qualities that she shares with her father, like, uh, hmm, I'll have to get back to you.  I'm sure there are lots, though.

So, while she may look more like me, she appears to have taken up his personality.  And, I'm fine with that.  I obviously love his personality, since I put a ring on it three years ago.

However, there are some of my traits that come through at times.  For instance, you would be hard pressed to find a picture of Greg during his cheerleading days.  Because they did not exist.

But, she must get her mad cheerleading skillz from someone, right??!!

Ah, now I see.

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