A Little Girl and Her Mommy

Leah is so much fun these days. She’s been talking like crazy, and some words come out in the most adorable way!

My favorite two are the way she says “candy” and “tattoo.”  I also find it so endearing when my sister shows up at our house and Leah asks for Papa.  She knows they live together and wants to know if he'll be joining them...that's just the sweetest thing.

Thankfully, for Mommy's sake, Papa is not always visiting. 

(If you knew him, you'd know what I mean.)

She also understands a lot. I can have a conversation with her. She remembers things that happened to her during the day and can tell me about them when I get home. She talks about her friends and can recall things that they did months ago, sometimes!

She will do things on command, too. Like smile! For MONTHS I’ve had to make silly expressions and do nutty things just to get her to crack a smile for a picture. Add to the fact that my camera has what must be a 10-minute delay and I barely got any pictures of her smiling.

Now-all I have to do is tell her to smile and to hold it until I say stop…or to wait till she sees the light and she does it! She’s got this cheesy smile that I just love.

We have a good time together. Sure, there are trying times. She’s not a great listener, and she's stubborn, but there are great times too.

When I was pregnant I would imagine myself with my future child. In all of my day dreams, my child was a toddler, maybe about two years old. I’m not sure if it means anything, but I just always knew that this age would be the most fulfilling.


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