Practically A Sparty

On Sunday, 90 of our closest friends and family will be arriving at 2 p.m. for Leah's 2nd Birthday Party.  It's more than two months after her real birthday, but I had to wait until it was nice enough for us to party outdoors.  My house does not have the capacity to hold 90 people.  Two people can fit into my kitchen.  And that's if we remove the stove first.

I've ordered a tent, tables, chairs, and Barney.

A cake has been commissioned from my good friend Gina, who has never had to feed this many people with a cake.

Costco and Restaurant Depot have been visited.

Water guns-as-party-favors have been secured.

Food, utensils, paper products, chips, soda, water, beer and wine have been purchased.

Thank god for wine. 

Yesterday when my dad asked Greg how many people were coming and Greg told him 90, my dad asked "Who's the groom?"

We have a lot of friends and family that we wanted to share this day with, and, although our original plan was to have a Very Big First Birthday party for Leah, followed by smaller, intimate affairs each subsequent year, it appears that this won't be the case.  Every year there are more people that we want to have attend, and so, yes, maybe the guest list is a tad long, and slightly resembling that of a wedding.

But, we are Italian.  And from New Jersey.  Our motto is "Go Big or Go Home."  Emphasis on "big."

I may sound like I've got it all under control, but I am freaking out.  90 people is a lot of freakin' people!

Greg is already in need of a Xanax.  Seriously, he's lost it.

One person who seems calm about the whole thing is Leah.  Of course.  What does she have to stress about? 

It was like "The Tell Tale Heart" trying to get this picture. 
 I had to do the reach-around the door with my phone and then stood in the doorway afterwards for about 10 minutes for fear that she would hear the hard wood creak if I moved. 

Have a great weekend!  Let's hope that with all this party rigaramole I remember to take a picture or two.

*The title of this post is explained as #2 here.


karastefa said...

What, no blog post the night before?!

Dana said...

Haha. Right. I'm not even sure if I brushed my teeth today.