Since You've Been Gone

December 25, 2007-We celebrated our first Christmas without you.  I was very pregnant. And very uncomfortable.

March 26, 2008-Your first grandchild, a girl, Leah Patricia was born.  7 lbs., 15 oz. 12:12 p.m.

August, 2008-Cringe:Teenage Diaries, Journals, Notes, Letters, Poems And Abandoned Rock Operas, a book I was selected to contribute to, is released.  I'm a published author!

October, 2008- Leah started swimming lessons.

December 25, 2008-Leah's first Christmas.

March 26, 2009-Leah turned one!

July, 2009-We opened the new and improved Guly Pooly!

August, 2009-We said goodbye to Doozer.  He was a good dog and we miss him.

September, 2009-We went to St. Thomas!

September 24, 2009-Nanny Vi, your mother and my last living grandparent, died.

December 25, 2009-Our 3rd Christmas without you. 

March 1, 2010-I launch DeenutsDana: an open letter to my mother...

March 24, 2010-Marco told us his girlfriend Nelly is pregnant!

March 26, 2010-Leah turned two!

April, 2010-Marco turns 30! We attend his surprise party.

June 6, 2010-Leah meets Barney at her 2nd birthday party.  It's love at first sight.

August 20, 2010-Marco and Nelly get married.

August, 2010-We went to Myrtle Beach.

November 5, 2010-Isabella Violet Grieco is born.

March, 2011-We go on our first cruise.