Eff the Recession




A Week of Firsts: Me

I joined Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago.  So far I've lost 4.8 lbs.  It hasn't been easy, but it's necessary.  My butt is large, yo.  Now that Greg's got a new schedule with his job, and Leah's in full time school, I am really hoping to start back up with the running.  Eventually I'd like to run 45 minutes three days a week, but this week my smaller goal is to complete three 15 minute runs.

I've been here before--joining Weight Watchers and thinking this time it's going to work, so I'm not going to wax poetic about how I should be at my fighting weight in a year.  But I'd like to be.  I really, really want to.  And wanting it is half the battle.*

*Total bullcrap.  Not eating is half the battle.  Exercising is the other half.  Wanting to lose weight just helps you stay motivated.



A Week of Firsts: Greg

Greg started his new job on Monday, and it's going great!  He is in the training period right now, which apparently requires one to be at work at 11 a.m. and be done for the day at 1:30 p.m.  How nice for Greg, while his wife pulls 12 hours days out of the house! 

He is excited to start the actual selling that the job entails and so am I.  1) I like money, 2) I like to see Greg happy, and 3) I like money. 

When I started this website Greg was all I want my own page, put this picture up of me, oh, get me from his angle, however, recently he's been quite modest and no longer allows me to plaster his picture up all over this place.  So, right about here is where I would plop a picture of Greg in this post, but instead, you get the cartoon character that best sums up Greg.



A Week of Firsts: L.P.

Leah started school today.  A little earlier than first planned, but since Greg's new job has regular 9-5 hours, we needed to put her in full time starting now, rather than in September. 

She did really well!  No crying, no accidents, and from what her teacher reported, she played well with other children.

Leah reported that Jacob hit a little baby after he got up from nap.

Wish us luck on Day Two!



Quick Update

~Greg got a new job.  His last day at his old job was Sunday, and he took this week off to do yard work in preparation for Leah's birthday party next week.  It's rained every single day.  No yard work has gotten done.

~Leah starts her new school on Monday (provided that I actually sign her up for school.  What?  I'm busy!)  While I am excited for her to be in an honest to goodness school, I want to cry because we are sending her to an honest to goodness school.  With big kids and teachers and lessons and stuff.  She's only a little (3 year old, sassy, smartpants, fiesty) baby!

~Leah third and final birthday party for this year is on the 29th.  There is a LOT to do and not a LOT of time.  I will be freaking out from now until then.  Probably a lot on this blog.

~I joined Weight Watchers.  My sweaters were tight, my rings were tight, my shoes were tight.  Something had to give and it wasn't going to be my pants. 

~I'm going to miss wine.  It's no fun if I have to account for it and stuff.



Everyday I'm Shuffling

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring.  SLAP.

Gonna be late. Make the coffee…pee…brush the teeth. Shower. Holy crud it’s cold! Where’s my towel, dang, where’s my towel??!! Oh, crap, wearing capris, need to shave. Back in the shower, shave. Back out. To the bedroom. My god it’s cold! Cover Greg’s head with blanket. Someone watching just this part would think I’m trying to kill him…hehe, funny. Ok, not really. Head’s covered, put on light. Open closet. What to wear? What to wear? What to wear? Everything sucks! Hate all my clothes! Am huge and fat! What to wear? What to wear? Oh fine, this will do. Underwear. Bra. Shoes. Jewelry. Give Greg a kiss. Sneak past Leah’s room. Oh man, why is that one floor board so friggen loud?!

Bathroom. Q tips. Deodorant. Face lotion. Perfume. Mousse. More hair crap. Blow dry blow dry blow dry blow dry-I vow to cut all of my hair off tomorrow!

“Hi Mommy!! I wake up!! You go to work?”

(Dammit! Dammit! I'm running late--WHY?!) “Hi Leah! You’re awake! Mommy’s in a rush so no juice right now. Ok?”

“I have juice I have juice I have juice I have juice I have juice I have juice I have juice?”

“Oh my lord, ENOUGH. Fine. Let’s go get your juice.”

Get juice. Back to bathroom. Concealer. Foundation. Don’t touch Mommy’s makeup, sweetie. Bronzer. Blush. Please don’t touch Mommy’s makeup, Sweetlove. Please. Highlighter. Leah-Makeup-NO. Eyeliner. Eye mousse. LEAH! Mascara. Geez, why do I need so much makeup. When did I get so old?

“Back to bed, Leah, here lay next to Daddy. Timmy Time!” (Worst show ever.)

Kitchen. Make coffee. Get lunch. Get cell phones. Get laptop. Get planner. Get purse. Get jacket. Get keys. Get gas money. Get out the door. Get in car. Get on road.

-------HOWARD STERN---------ohmmmmmm. ohmmmmmmm.

Park. Grab cell phones, briefcase, purse, lunch bag, coffee cup, jacket. Into office. Morning, Gentlemen! Empty bags. Answer emails. Answer phone. Return emails. Return calls. Meet with Super and Assistant. Deal with boss. Deal with co workers. Deal with customers. Take three Advil. More email. Unruly vendors.

Lunch: run to Walmart. Get gas. Get eyebrows waxed. Run to bank. Stop at Shop Rite. SHOVE lunch in mouth in 5 minutes. Back to work.

Answer emails. Answer phone. Return emails. Return calls. Meet with Super and Assistant. Deal with boss. Deal with co workers. Deal with customers. Take three Advil. More email. Unruly vendors. Pack up bags. Get in car. On the road. Rt. 78. Rt. 287. Rt. 206. WHY ARE YOU DRIVING SO DAMN SLOW! More traffic. Make phone calls. Charge cell phones. Check emails. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY YOU STUPID HONDA SOME OF US HAVE TO GO HOME.

Pick up Leah. Go home. Throw everything on counter.

“Go pee.”

"I no hafta go."

“Go pee.”


“Go pee.”



Omg get these clothes off of my body. RIP bra off. Put on pajamas. Let dog out. Put tv on-find something Tinkerbell related. Let dog in. Wash off makeup.  Put hair up. What’s for dinner? Everything frozen.





“Macaroni and Cheese?”








“Ha ha. NO.”

Ring. Ring.

“Beef fried rice and two vegetable spring rolls. 14 Birch Tree. Thank you.” Click.

“Mommy, I had an accident.”

(Ohmygod Dana, do not lose it.) Breath. Breath. Breath. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10.

“That’s ok. Let’s get you cleaned up. I’ll start the bath.”

Water running, toys dumped, shampoo, bubbles, soap, wretched bathtub markers, Mermaid Dora. Wash the hair, please stop crying. Rinse the hair, please stop crying. Time to get out, please stop crying. Food’s here. Where’s my money? Keep the change. Comeon, out of the tub. Pajamas on. Brush hair, please stop crying. Put on slippers; you’ll hurt your feet.

Sit down. Time to eat. Please sit down. The TV is going off. Come sit down. Leave the dog alone and come and sit down. You want a different bowl? Coming right up. You need a different spoon? Ok, here it is. You don’t want milk? Have some water. You want the napkin with the butterflies. Here. Please just take a bite. How about you take a bite. Just one bite, please, now? ONE BITE LEAH ONE STINKIN BITE JUST ONE OH MY GOD JUST TAKE A BITE. You’re done? Fine. Just go watch TV.
Clean up dinner. Empty dishwasher. Make my lunch. Make Leah’s lunch. Put dirty dishes in dishwasher. “Yes! I did see that! Caillou is so cute!” UGH. Feed dog. Feed cat. Give animals water.
“I hurt my foot!”

Do not scream. Do not scream. Do not scream. Let me see it. I’ll give it a kiss. Let’s put your slippers on so that it doesn’t happen again. (Just like I told you a half hour again.)

"And I want a snack."


Run downstairs. Put clothes in wash. Run back up stairs.


Gather toys from around the house. Put in play room.


Gather 6 (really, 6?) pairs of shoes; bring to their respective rooms.


Brush your teeth.  Brush your teeth.  Stop pinching the dog and brush your teeth.  Please just a little faster?  Please.  Ok, great, now go pee.  I don't have to, yes you do, I don't have to, yes you do, I don't have to, if you don't go I won't read you a book, but I don't have to, sit on the toilet, but there's nothing there, just let it out, but, Oh, look at that--I'm peeing, Oh dear lord don't lose it.  Ok, done?  Toilet paper, pull up underpants, ok, great!  Let's go!  To the bedroom!!
Here's your pull up; put on your pjs.  Get in bed, get in bed, get in bed.  Put down the lip gloss, just get in bed.  Ok, please leave your hat where it is just get in bed.  Oh, the very same book we've read every night for the past two months!  Who Stole that Damn Cookie From the Cookie Jar??!!   Not Ethan, Jacob, Isabell, Aiden, Samantha, Matthew, or all the rest.  Spoiler alert: it's the mouse.  Ok, lay down.  Here's your teeth medicine.   Lip gloss.   Lotion.   Lay down, rub your back, rub your belly, rub your legs, eyes, nose, teeth.  EVERYTHING IS RUBBED DEAR LORD PLEASE LET THIS BE ENOUGH RUBBING.  Walking out, closing door.
Ok, half hour.  Here we go: facebook, fold clothes, update blog, pay bills, fill out deposit slip, vacuum living room, mop kitchen, clean toilets, brush teeth, face lotion, Wordfeud, brush teeth, dog in cage, cat fed, doors locked, text Greg, run down hallway, close blinds, grab blanket, pull down covers, get in bed, set alarm, set other alarm, plug in phone, turn off light, put down headzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ring Ring Ring Ring Slap.


It Is What It Is

There's something about her, and the way she's able to simplify things.  How she can see something for exactly what it is, and not for what it represents.  She doesn't need to worry or fret; she just lives.  From minute to minute.  Life is just life.  There is no work, bills, errands, or responsibilities.  She tells you how it is, whether or not you want to hear it.  To her, it just is something that she only recently learned how to say, and sometimes still can't communicate.  There are no problems with her.  It is what it is.

What I wouldn't give for her eyes.  Whatever color they may be. 

No, really, we don't know what color they are.  Suggestions welcomed.




On A Day, In May

It's her day, and it's my day, and we never got the chance to celebrate together.

And today I'm spending the day with Adriana.  As per the usual.  At the crappy nail salon that we are forced to go to because it's the only one that's open on Sundays.

And, I've decided to turn over a new leaf and bring Leah with us.  Up until this year, I've felt like Mother's Day is my day to do whatever I want, however selfish, even if that means not spending the day with my daughter.  But this year I realized that wanting to spend the day without my daughter is exactly the opposite of how I want her to feel on this day.  When she's older, I hope that she wants to do special things with me on this day, and how horrible is it that I want to be alone?  Just because I no longer have a mom to spend the day with?  God, Dana, you're such a brat.  So, today, Leah gets her first pedicure, Dana will undoubtedly need an early glass of wine, and Adriana will most likely take extra birth control tonight...but, we'll spend it together like we would have done if my mom was still here. 

 I choose to have Leah with me today because I love her and I want to spend Mother's Day with her.

And because I totally don't have a babysitter. 



Good Riddance

On that Tuesday, I was heading to a townhome community I managed to meet with a board member and two landscapers.  Just as I was turning from Union Boulevard onto Lackawanna, Z100's Danielle Monaro announced that one of the twin towers had been hit by a plane. 

I called April, who was en route to the city, and told her.  I proceeded to the site and met up with my group.  We didn't discuss landscaping very much at all, but rather what had just happened.  The board member Eleanor started worrying when we found out that the plane had come from Boston, as her daughter was flying in from there that day.  While the landscapers climbed to higher ground to see the skyline, Eleanor and I headed to her home to call her daughter.

A few minutes later we all met back in the street: Eleanor's daughter was on a later flight and the landscapers had just watched the second tower fall.

I didn't make it into my office and spent the day visiting my friend Bart in the hospital.  Later on that day a bald, red-bearded man in a shirt with the words Grandma's Pizza on it came to visit Bart.  We were quickly introduced, but he didn't stay long.  After only a short visit, he was gone, presumably back to work. 

Yes, I met my husband, who completely ignored me, on September 11, 2001.

April ended up walking from the Path train in Hoboken to Route 3 before being able to hail a cab and get home.  For those who are not familar, that's a frackin' far walk.

The next morning it took me three hours to get to work.  I sat in what could only be described as the friendliest traffic I've ever experienced.  People letting other people in, no one cutting anyone else off.  I saw tens if not hundreds of trucks and vans filled with people and supplies all heading into NY to volunteer.  I listened to the Z Morning Zoo and Howard Stern talk about what was going on.  I cried for most of the ride.

I remember visiting Hoboken weeks later, the Missing Person posters still taped to walls and bus depots, blowing in the wind.  I could have stood there all night staring at the posters, reading about those lost but not forgotten.

I don't need to see the body, the pictures, or the video.  I believe it.  Watching what they have claimed was a proper Islamic burial would just pissed me off, as he deserved to face the decision of whether to be burned alive or to jump out of a building like so many Americans did.  Reading the posts on Facebook about how it is wrong to celebrate the death of a human enrages me even more.  How quickly we forget the feelings we experienced just 10 years ago.  How easy it is to take the high road after he has been killed. 

I listened to Barack Obama when he promised to find him and I believed him.  I feel like this day was always forthcoming and I am happy that it is finally here.  I knew we'd get here.

September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten.  I will never forget where I was and what I saw.  And I will not be made to feel bad about how I feel today.  I can't wait to tell my daughter about how on May 2, 2011, when I realized that disgusting, depraved bastard had been killed by American troops, I smiled a big fat smile.  Because I'm happy.




I know that these may not be the most interesting posts out there, but I love looking through my old videos and seeing how much Leah's changed in such a short time.


Dance Fever

Over the weekend, we attended Grandpa Enzo's dance recital. 

Leah loves the stage so she had to jump on up during intermission and perform a little one-girl dance routine.

It was fun waiting for Grandpa to come and take his flowers. 

All in all, a great time was had.  We can't wait until both of them are dancing on stage together.