Quick Update

~Greg got a new job.  His last day at his old job was Sunday, and he took this week off to do yard work in preparation for Leah's birthday party next week.  It's rained every single day.  No yard work has gotten done.

~Leah starts her new school on Monday (provided that I actually sign her up for school.  What?  I'm busy!)  While I am excited for her to be in an honest to goodness school, I want to cry because we are sending her to an honest to goodness school.  With big kids and teachers and lessons and stuff.  She's only a little (3 year old, sassy, smartpants, fiesty) baby!

~Leah third and final birthday party for this year is on the 29th.  There is a LOT to do and not a LOT of time.  I will be freaking out from now until then.  Probably a lot on this blog.

~I joined Weight Watchers.  My sweaters were tight, my rings were tight, my shoes were tight.  Something had to give and it wasn't going to be my pants. 

~I'm going to miss wine.  It's no fun if I have to account for it and stuff.


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