It Is What It Is

There's something about her, and the way she's able to simplify things.  How she can see something for exactly what it is, and not for what it represents.  She doesn't need to worry or fret; she just lives.  From minute to minute.  Life is just life.  There is no work, bills, errands, or responsibilities.  She tells you how it is, whether or not you want to hear it.  To her, it just is something that she only recently learned how to say, and sometimes still can't communicate.  There are no problems with her.  It is what it is.

What I wouldn't give for her eyes.  Whatever color they may be. 

No, really, we don't know what color they are.  Suggestions welcomed.



Alexis said...


jackie said...

hey dana! in these pics, they definitely look green. but i recall you said that they change color and, if so, you have to go with hazel. green stay green all the time... brown stay brown all the time... only hazel change --- usually between green, gray and brown. my younger daughters are hazel -- they change color. my older daughters are green (with some blue mixed in) -- they do not change. GOOD LUCK!!! you have until she gets her license at 17yo to figure it out!!! 8-)