A Week of Firsts: Greg

Greg started his new job on Monday, and it's going great!  He is in the training period right now, which apparently requires one to be at work at 11 a.m. and be done for the day at 1:30 p.m.  How nice for Greg, while his wife pulls 12 hours days out of the house! 

He is excited to start the actual selling that the job entails and so am I.  1) I like money, 2) I like to see Greg happy, and 3) I like money. 

When I started this website Greg was all I want my own page, put this picture up of me, oh, get me from his angle, however, recently he's been quite modest and no longer allows me to plaster his picture up all over this place.  So, right about here is where I would plop a picture of Greg in this post, but instead, you get the cartoon character that best sums up Greg.


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