At first, he was a little scary...

But then he started singing this song about tapping my knees, which I love to do very much.

And, I got to do the limbo with him, which was also very fun.

So, I decided to touch him, and he was sort of soft...

 And then Aunt Christie hugged him, and she was ok!

So, I thought, Aw, heck, I can do it too!

And I was fine!

My other favorite part was CAKE!

I hate waiting for candle placement.


I had a great time and love my friends and got lots of presents and ate icing for lunch and drank about 8 capri suns and jumped into the pool despite the fact that I can't swim and had to be pulled out and threw rocks and ran around and refused to go to bed and had the best time of my entire life! 

Can't wait for next year!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I think her smile says it all. So cute. I still say that damned dinosaur is SCARY.