Potty Time

I am looking into some classes for Leah to attend in the Fall.  One is a preschool and the other is a dance class.  There's a Creative Movement class at a school in town that looks like something Leah would really enjoy.  The class is on Saturday morning and it begins in the Fall. 

There is one caveat, though.  Only potty trained children are invited to particpate.

And we are not potty trained.  At all.  No where near it. 

There's interest in the potty, yes, very much so.  A month or so ago I posted this picture, which demonstrates a marked interest in both peeing and eating, simutaneously.

And then we have this, which shows an interest in potty-ing in whatever room has the action.  Sometimes you miss good conversation if you're confined to a bathroom, and what's so great about potties is that they are mobile.  So, why not bring your potty to the kitchen and do your business there, while also listening to mommy's phone conversation, making sure the dog doesn't eat your dinner, and watching Barney too?! 


Then there was this.

Yes, I know it's dark, but that's because Leah just HAD to sit on the toilet during a black out.  Nothing came out, mind you, and even if it did, we couldn't observe it, which is a Very Big Part of potty training I've come to realize:  The Observation Period which comes before the highly anticipated Flushing Period. 

Anyway, this picture = more interest.

But with all this potty-interest, all we've really got is a lot of talk, not a lot of action.

I don't know at what age I potty trained, and I doubt I'll ever find out.  There is photo documentation of some potty-ing at around age 1, however, as we've come to realize, that could just mean that I, too, liked to sit on the pot. 


StaceFavoch said...

I could always bring Leah to class with me in the Fall.. she'd learn French in no time =P

Abbe said...

Wouldn't that mean she'd end up doing the can-can in the can-can??

Dana ~~

It's soo much easier with boys - throw Froot Loops in the toilet and let them aim at them!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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