Whirlwind Weekend

I had quite a weekend.  It could take a few days to cover it all.  Let's start with Friday, shall we?

My brother Marco and his fiancé Nelly marched on down to City Hall and got themselves married.

It was a joyous occasion, and I wish Marco and Nelly all the best.

Adriana and I were the witnesses, and of course we took our jobs very seriously.

Yes, that's gum in my mouth.

A wedding is not gonna keep this fist from pumping.

Now, this was my first City Hall wedding, and it was a lot like the ones I've seen in movies and on TV.

My wedding was more of a Big Fat Italian Affair, and this one was more of an intimate one.  Both so very different but both are just as meaningful to the ones involved.

Congrats, guys.  Keep control of the triggers. 

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