Ruby Rubinowski

I feel like I never talk about Ruby these days. 

Well, she's doing fine.  Still a huge pain in the butt, and she still sneaks under the covers and lays super flat so that when Greg comes to bed he won't see her and make her get out of the bed.

Her breath is wretched, but she's so lovable, it almost makes up for the horrible breath.

She loves to eat, and when you are holding something edible she looks up at you like, "I am so hungry.  I haven't eaten in days.  May I have a small crumb from your tasty treat?"  and I don't fall for it anymore (much), but man, she totally has my sister wrapped around her finger.

Leah LOVES Ruby, and I catch her kissing her and putting blankets on her and pretending to feed her something from her play-kitchen.  She's got this huge eyesore tent that she keeps in the living room, and she loves getting in there with Ruby.  It's so sweet that they are such good friends.

I love my little Ruby Rubinowitz! 

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