I'll Let The Kid Live This Time

You'll remember when my sofa looked like this?

After several hours when I couldn't even look at Leah, much kvetching, 4 grueling, fruitless, life sucking calls to Ashley Furniture, a couple of phone calls, some elbow grease, a dust rag of indeterminable fabric, and the Costco-size bottle of Shout, all is well in the Gulino Household once again. 

Save for the faint smell of Desitin in the living room.

But she's on thin ice.  NO ONE messes with the couches in this house.  I have issues when it comes to the couches.

Oh, and yes, I did buy the warranty on the couch.  However, I didn't realize that I'd have to provide every single piece of paperwork I ever received in 2008 along with Jesus' urine sample to get someone to even come and look at the stains.  And to undoubtedly tell me that it wasn't covered.


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