Vermont 2010: Part One

While we were in Vermont, we decided to go blueberry picking.  One of Leah's favorite foods is blueberries.

So, we headed on over to the blueberry patch in the wagon.

  Leah and her pal Baby Brendan.

Leah did a pretty good job at picking the berries.  She got right in there and chose the best ones.

She ate most of what she picked, however.

Catherine, Matthew, and Brendan did a lot of picking too.

Isn't this kid cute?

There was a brightly painted boat at the blueberry patch.  So, of course, we played in that.

We came home with 10 lbs of blueberries.  People who know me IRL and exchange presents with me, if you are wondering what you are getting for Christmas, the answer is BLUEBERRIES.  Sorry I ruined the surprise.


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