Going Places

Leah is awesome.

I know that as her mom I have to feel that way, but she really is. She is so dang smart. Some of the things that come out of her mouth just amaze me, and I often wonder what else is going on in her head that she can’t yet vocalize.

One of my favorites is when I walk in from work and she looks at me, puts her arms up, hands palm up at ear level, and asks me, “All done work, Mommy?”

Or when I get back from a run and she says, “All done run, Mommy?” and then asks if I want some water. Only she calls water “Lo” and so she asks me if I want some Lo.

Ooh, ooh, or when she wants a water bottle and will point to the cabinet and ask for a lo lo ba ba.


Could you not just die?!

Now, I knew this kid would be adorbs, I mean, hello, with our genes how could she not? But, I am most impressed with her intelligence.

Looking good might get you in the door, but thinking good is gonna get her to the top floor. Where the coffee cups are lined in gold and the staples are made of platinum.


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StaceFavoch said...

I absolutely love how she calls water Lo, it's so adorable =]