Friday Night Highlights

On Friday, my brother, his fiance, and her son Matthew came to visit and have dinner with us.  Matthew is a great kid, and at dinner he asked Greg and I if he could call us Aunt Dana and Uncle Greg.  Greg told him the cost was $50, and they are going to work out the details.  My moniker change was free of charge, so Aunt Dana I became.

I may as well get used to it, since I would have become Aunt Dana in November anyway, with the birth of Marco's baby.

We then decided that Leah should call Matt's mom Aunt Nelly, and, when we asked her to say it, she proudly said, Aunt Smelly, and that's kind of funny, and, well, sorry Nelly, but that's one of those things that's going to stick.  In 20 years when Leah introduces you to her boyfriend, she'll introduce you as Aunt Smelly.  You don't mind, right?

After dinner, because Sparta can't get their head out of their bum, we were informed that the outdoor concert was cancelled for that night, so we decided to head to the Sparta Dairy for some ice cream.

Our favorite ice cream server (barista? coner?) Erin was there, and we all got our faves and had a little rest on the bench out front.

It doesn't surprise me that Leah's mouth is wide open. 
Apparently she couldn't stop eating for the picture.
The apple and the tree.  They are not far from each other.

Our friends Rob and Renee and their two daughters, Faith (l.) and Shannon (r.), or, as Leah calls them--Face and Shanny--met us at the Dairy.  These two are Leah's besties, and Renee and I usually refer to them all as sisters.  I have a feeling that this motley crew is going to get themselves into trouble.  And I know Rob doesn't want to hear it, but I tend to think that some of that trouble is going to involve b-o-y-s. 

Matthew is a fave amongst these girls because he's 1) a good protector, and 2) a huge softie.  Faith was wondering if Matt had brought his Nintendo DS because he's always nice enough to let her borrow it. 

When the kids were done, they screamed "beep that horn" at passers-by while doing the universal horn-beep request with their arm, Marco and fam headed home, and Rob and fam came over to our house for a back yard fire.

Leah! Seriously. Put down the spoon for 5 seconds.

All in all, a pretty nice Friday night, as far as Friday nights go. 

Ok, I'll be honest with you: any occasion that includes me eating ice cream is going to get high marks in my book.

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