Vermont 2010: Part Two

One day while in Vermont we visited Shelburne Farms. This place was pretty cool and definately geared towards kids.

Chickens roamed freely throughout the farm, and people (adults and kids) were allowed to pet them, pick them up, and feed them.

There was a small animal petting area.

A woman asked Leah if she wanted to milk the cow, but she opted to just stand in front of its butt and have her picture taken.  Although she was fascinated with the utters.

They make cheese at Shelburne Farms, too!

Catherine tells me that the best thing that Shelburne Farms makes is grilled cheese sandwiches.  However, on the day that we went, the food cart was closed.  I guess that means we have to head back there next time we are in town.  Oh well.  If we must!  For the kids, of course!


Abbe said...

I absolutely love Shelbourne Farms!

Stacey and I were there a few years ago. It was so peaceful.


Andrea Clayton said...

Shelbourne Farms is awesome! Of course I'm talking from 25+ years ago. Glad it hasn't changed. Is the Vermont Teddy Bear Company still across the street? Did you hit that up too?

Abbe said...

......and did you go to the Ben & Jerry Facotyr tour ~~~~ ohhh myyyyyyyyyyyy

StaceFavoch said...

Shlebourn farms was awesomeeeee

Anonymous said...

next time bring the kids to magic hat its more fun than the farm