Advice for my Daughter

Leah's Advice
in song titles

1) It's a Hard Knock Life (Annie)-If you understand right from the beginning that life is tough and not a cake walk, then you will be ahead of loads of other kids your age.  Seriously, Leah. You are not entitled to anything in this world, and everything you have is because you are either lucky, loved, or well deserving.  But if your luck runs out, and it gets tough to live on love, then make sure you've worked hard to deserve some good things in life.  See also: get a job. 

2) Don't Drink the Water (Dave Matthews Band)-Just make it a point to never drink water that is not filtered.  The water in Sparta tastes funky, and the water in Mexico will leave you sitting on the toilet for days, so if you just remember that Unfiltered Water = Bad Water, you will never go wrong.

3) Love is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar)-You are going to break hearts and get your heart broken and, if you don't go through both of those things, then you are not living, my love.  You need to have a little experience and a couple of skeletons in the closet by the time you are ready to settle down with someone forever.  When you meet the man (or woman-whatever floats your boat) that you want to marry and have children with, I hope it's because you've already met and gotten over the man (or womanyou don't want to marry and have children with. 

4) Please Forgive Me (David Gray)-Say those words.  Learn what they mean.  And use them when they are necessary.  Never be too proud to admit when you are wrong.  Don't let people leave your life because you couldn't ask for forgiveness.  If they refuse to grant forgiveness, then you can let them leave your life.

5) And the Beat Goes On (Sonny and Cher)-Life goes on.  Don't let it happen without you.  Don't let a tragic situation derail your life.  Learn from mistakes, bad decisions, tragedy, death, and sad times and use that knowledge to move on and move up.  I can't stress enough how wallowing will keep you from sparkling.  Don't dwell on the bad.  Seek help if you can't shake it.  Start a website if need be.

6) Forever My Friend (Ray Lamontagne)-Always have girlfriends. A group who doesn't judge you and will drop everything and be there for you.  When you find them, hold on to them because they are hard to come by. This is not up for discussion.

7) I and Love and You (The Avett Brothers)-I will never let you down.  Ever.  I will never leave you.  Even when I am no longer here, you need to be able to take the things I've taught you and keep them close to you.  I will love you forever and ever.  If When you do naughty things, and if when you annoy me and your father to no end, we will never stop loving you and will never abandon you.  You must understand this.  I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.  On the flip side, I'm not perfect. (Gah! I said that?) So, if when I do naughty things, and if when I annoy you, please never leave me.  Give me another chance. 

Have I forgotten anything?  Add your suggestions in the comments.


Anonymous said...

8. Money is the root of all evil. Having value will keep you from getting consumed with money. Good luck with that one cause I have to work on this one everyday, but maybe if it is taught at a young age it wouldn't be so difficult?

9. Not to offend, or disagree, but don't believe in luck. I think that this word was invented by the person who doesn't try hard enough or follow there dreams. I feel it is a mistake we all make and teach. Have faith, cause when you try to go against the grain something knocks you right down. Trust yourself and family... Not anyone else, unless you find those friends that your mommy is talking about. (only have found one, and i'm marrying her)

Love you Dana, we had an awesome time last night and the food was great. I can't wait to do it again! Hope you can make it on Friday, we can't imagine anyone else being there.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, i know these are not song titles;)