Life Lessons

Every once in a while, when Leah isn't redecorating, making bedtime a nightmare, or killing me with her entertainment selections, she is a pretty cool kid.

She is turning into a person who gets it, really understands life, and we've been working on the concept of cause and effect a lot lately.

At first I was really against giving her gifts or prizes during our potty training period, but, since we've started, it's been really rewarding to both her and us to give her a treat if she has a good day with it.  And I'm not talking about a pony or anything; sometimes the gift is a package of underpants.  But, it's a treat nonetheless.

There are days in which she'll go in the potty several times, and at the end of the day, she gets a pat on the back and "good job, kid."  And there are days where she goes once, and I'll come home with a little gift for her.  We are not consistent with it, and I'm beginning to think that this concept is the right concept to teach.

You can compare it to your job: there will be times that you spend a lot of time and energy on a particular project and you'll get nary an acknowledgement upon its completion, and there are times that you might get more recognition than you expected, for doing something that you didn't think was making much of a difference. 

Thus is life.  You aren't always going to get what you think you deserve and sometimes you get something that you weren't expecting. 

So, when Greg informed me earlier in the week that Leah was having some setbacks on the potty and there had been much effort but not a lot of achievement, I thought, maybe we could give her a little something to let her know we are recognizing her effort, and, although it's not reaching the ultimate goal, it's not going  unnoticed.  Maybe boost her esteem a bit.  I can only imagine that peeing oneself four times in a day can really wreak havoc on your self esteem.  Especially since she was making trips to the bathroom...they were just usually not at the right times. 

So, I brought home some nail polish.  She's never had nail polish on so it was kind of a big deal. 

I'll keep you posted!

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StaceFavoch said...

What, no French mani/pedi?