Running On Empty --NOT a running update

I just love this picture of my mom. 

I know that look on her face.  Both what it meant to her, and what it means to me. 

I am pretty sure that I have had this look on my face several times this week.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the summer, but I just don't understand why everyone must hold some sort of event on the summer weekends. 

Ok, I guess I understand the whole point of hot weather = good BBQs.  And graduations happen at this time.  And if your birthday occurs during a summer month, you are going to have a party then.  And, if you have a swim party, then chances are, you are going to throw it during the summer.  And, oh, forget it.  I get it.  Summer weekends are a hot commodity.  Therefore, they are going to fill up with events and the weekends are going to feel like work days too, what with the preparing, and the hustling to get to the event, and the running after your child at the event.

Anyway, my look these days resembles my mom up there. 

I call it HARRIED.

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Abbe said...

...and could lil' Dana in the highchair in the background have anything to do with that "harried" look???? just saying....:)