Party of Three

Everyone always asks me when I am having a second child.  And the answer is "Not now."  Or, "Not yet."  Or, sometimes, "Not ever."  And as hard as those answers are for people to hear, it's not that difficult for me to say.

I'm not ready for a second child, for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because I'm content with my family right now.  Or, I should say, the number of people in my family right now.  Women have told me that until they had their second (third, fourth, herd), they felt incomplete.  They knew their family wasn't done.  But, me?  I don't feel that way. 

Occassionally, I think of having a second child so that Leah wouldn't have to go through life alone.  If we are being honest, I really think about having a second so that if anything happens to me, or Greg, or both of us, Leah has someone else to go through it with.  I am grateful for my sister when my mom died and do not know how I would have made it through if I had to have done it alone.

But that is not a good enough reason.  That's unfair to a potential child of mine.  "Oh, I had you so that if I died Leah could lean on you for support."  Jeez, that sounds horrible!

I owe it to any future children to want and desire them.  I owe it to myself and my husband to wait until we feel that desire to expand our family.  So, for now, we are party of three.  And, it's just fine by us.

Dana, Greg, and Leah

Pat, Enzo, and Dana

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i loooove it when you do the comparison pictures <3