Fridays in the Park

We are lucky enough to live in a town that has a Cultural Arts Department that hosts Friday night concerts.  We pack up the chairs, blankets, snacks, drinks, and ourselves and head on over to the field for 6 Fridays in the summer.

This past Friday was our first concert this summer.  Leah's at a great age now because she 1) doesn't remember anything from the past so saying things like, "We are going to a concert!" appears to be something she's never done before in her life, despite the fact that we did it last summer, and therefore, she's really, really excited to try something new.  2) She understands things like, "We are going to a concert!" to at least mean that will be leaving the house now, so put on your shoes already, and we know that, soon, once the music starts, she will be learning something new.  Mainly: what a concert is.

Friday's concert featured Patrick Fitzsimmons, the original drummer from From Good Homes.  We arrived and started the night with some snacks:

Then, the concert started.  It was phenomenal, and we really enjoyed it.  I was really proud of Leah for sitting on the blanket and listening to the music.  I knew she wasn't feeling her best, but she was such a good listener.  Greg and I joined her on the blanket a little later and sat and listened to the music.

When we arrived home, though, she was running a fever.  In fact, she's had one all weekend, and this morning we took her to the doctor and found out that she has an ear infection.  Poor baby.

Hope you had a great weekend.

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