Finally Sweat Is Not Dripping Down My Back As I Type This

I'm not even going to address the heat issues we had this week, because I'm just so grateful that my butt crack remains dry today.


One day this kid is going to look back at this website and say, "Gee, my mom took a lot of pictures of me in the car...hope she wasn't driving at the same time."  And I'm going to say, "Mostly no."

Ok, quick post today.  This is what we've got going on.  Tomorrow is my brother in law's 30th birthday party.  I plan on getting a lot of really good pictures.

And what I'll end up with is probably a lot of pictures of Leah in a pool.  That seems to be my Summer 2010 theme these days.

And on Sunday the plan is to visit the Bronx Zoo.  I am already getting a lot of grief from people who will be tired/hungover/hot/tell-it-to-the-judge, because once I get something in my head, it's hard for me not to focus on anything other than that.

So, I leave you with well wishes for the weekend, for I must go back to the zoo website to find a site map so that I can plan every single step of my trip there.

I wonder why people sometimes don't like doing activities with me.  It can't possibly be due to my desire to make sure every tiny action is perfectly planned and followed to my specifications no matter what, right?  There must be something else. 

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