Hot Day in the City

Hello! How was your weekend? We had a great weekend.

We went to a birthday party for my brother in law on Saturday. I remember saying that I would probably get a bunch of pictures of Leah in the pool at this event, and I was wrong. I got NO pictures! I am not sure why, as I remember walking around with my camera for a good portion of the day. But, when I looked to see what pics I could post I was very surprised to see that I had not snapped one. Great job Dana! A photo journalist you are not!

Anyway, on Saturday night, we slept over my dad’s house. Here is Leah with her pal, Matthew, whom she refers to as Mac. It’s quite catchy, as I called him Mac all weekend too. And, he informed me that while Leah can call him Mac since she can’t say Matthew, he’d prefer that I call him Matt or Matthew. Duly, noted, buddy. Sorry for the confusion.

On Sunday we went to the Bronx Zoo. It was pretty fun! Here is Leah with her dad…I think this is RIGHT before Leah needed a diaper change. If you know what I mean. As if you couldn’t tell by her face.

Leah with Mac…I think he was nervous she would be looking off towards stage left or something.  Not exactly sure why he's holding her face.  It's cute, nonetheless, and Leah doesn't appear to mind. 

And Mac with my brother on a camel. Don’t tell Matt that I am calling him Mac on here; he might not take it well.

And that concludes my in depth picture taking journey for the weekend. The Bronx Zoo was great, though. Highly recommend.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends, as well.

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