Some Day...

Some day I'm going to wake up and realize that this life is not making me happy.

Some day I'm going to sell all of our material possessions and pack us a bag and move to an island. 

Even my purses.

Especially my purses.

I'm going to say good bye to my family and tell them I'll write them.  Some of them.

I'm going to quit my job and not look back.  Hand my laptop to my supervisor with a smile on my face.

I'm going to live in paradise and spend my days with Leah.  We'll go on island adventures, and play with children at the playground, and play in the sand and swim in the ocean, and we'll go for runs at dusk.

We'll wear our bathing suits every single day.

Greg will be a farmer and grow vegetables, or tend to animals, or maybe he'll open a restaurant.  He'll do whatever makes him happy because we will not be slaves to our lifestyle.  We will not live paycheck to paycheck.  We will live life experience to life experience.  We will never be a marching ant again.

Some day we'll look back at the minute we decided to take the plunge and laugh at the hesitation we had before we did it.  We'll think back to how stressful life was before, and how we let our fear of the unknown keep us in a place that made us unhappy.

Some day we'll laugh at the idea that we are meant to work hard, and not have fun, and stress over simple things like the cable bill and a leaky pool filter.  And that G D 529.

We'll remember how we let other people's ideals about life rule our life.  We'll remember when we decided to stop doing that.  We'll remember when we figured out that we deserved more and that Leah was meant to do great things and that our life at that time was not great.  And was not going to lead to anything more than two people working their asses off till they are 65 and then retiring and then dying.  And Leah going to school in Sparta where everyone looks the same and growing up thinking that life is full of really white people who go to work every morning and then come home and have dinner and head to 7-11 for a slurpee or maybe Sparta Dairy for ice cream and what kind of life is that? 

Some day we'll take that plunge.  Mark my words. 

Maybe that day is today.

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