Greg's Garden

Back in March, I wrote a post about Greg's gardening.  In it, I showed pictures of some of the cups of dirt and seeds that Greg had planted around the house.  Back then, that's exactly what it looked like to me: a lot of dirt and seeds.

But, not anymore.  I am happy to report that all of the cups have officially moved out of the house, and our yard looks like this:

Looks like organized chaos to me, but Greg spends HOURS out there working on his garden.  He brings things inside each day and we cook them for dinner.  He's very proud of that garden, and visitors get a tour each time they come over.  I'm not complaining, because I enjoy eating fruits and veggies that come from our very own backyard. 

Here's a picture of some chicken legs he made on our fire pit over the weekend. 

When it comes to matters of cooking and gardening, Greg is much better at it than me.  I do enjoy eating it, though.


Anonymous said...

did you grow the chicken, too?

karastefa said...

Tell him thanks for the rhubarb. Just in time to make another pie for my MIL's birthday that we're celebrating on Sunday.