Our Weekend

On July 4th, we decided to have a BBQ.  Leah is very patriotic, so she dressed accordingly.  Here she is waiting for the party to start.

Once the guests arrived, it was time for fun. It was hot that day, so it felt refreshing to go for a swim. 

At night, Leah went to see fireworks for the first time.  She is still on the fence about how she feels about them. 

On Monday, we took Leah to Space Farms Zoo and Museum


This was the first time she had ever gone to a zoo, so it was a very big deal. 

She was excited to see most of the animals...

And loved the ones that she could feed.

It was really hot, so we took a lot of drink breaks.

She was such a good girl, and we let her walk on her own for most of the day.

We just told her that if she was naughty, she'd end up in jail!

And, this little car seemed like a lot of fun...

Until I did the unthinkable and put a quarter in it.  Ahhhh!  Bad mommy!

So, we'll just stick with zoos for now.

Oh, and playgrounds too.

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Janine L said...

Hi Dana! Catching up on your blog! Loving it as usual! At first I thought the picture comments were below the photos -- the one with her and the bear, read the next photo's comments with this one! I thought, "that dana!" :)