And You Wonder Why I Drink

Allow me to start with the fact that I feel fat today and this could be the reason.

Rest assured, I didn't leave the 20 or so M&Ms there after this picture was taken. 
 I, uh, took care of them.

Can I just say that, in the two days that I decided I was going to lighten up and enjoy life, I have had two fights with my husband!  Yes! Way to go, Dana!  So, in the already-miniscule-amount-of-time we have to spend with each other, we've managed to strain it and make our home even more uncomfortable!  I'm especially proud of the sing-songy way that I tend to argue with him when Leah's in the room.  It's annoying, strenuous, and not fooling anyone!  Brilliant.  And so, over the past two days, we've barely spoken to each other, unless of course it was to tell the other what they are doing wrong.   And now we are into two days of Greg's double work shifts, which means that I won't see him until Saturday morning!  When we will undoubtedly still not be speaking to each other!  And then, we get to spend three uninterrupted days together!  With no talky! Still!  While we attempt to pretend to Leah that all is well.  Which will make for some interesting and fun times!  Oh, how I just love it when things are silent and stressed at home!!  Yay for me!  This is turning out to be a wonderful week!  Now where did I hide the rest of the M&Ms??!!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!

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