The Naked Cowgirl(s)

One of the things that still really stings, and I imagine will continue to for a long time, is when people see Leah doing something, and they ask me if I used to do that.  Or, if she acts in a certain way and they wonder if I acted that way at her age.  If she likes a certain animal, food, toy...did I also like those things?  When the doctor asks at what age did I get my first ear infection or when did I start teething.  What were my first words?  Did I say any words funny?  Did I throw tantrums? Was I funny?  What was my favorite food?  What was my bedtime routine?  Did I enjoy bath time? 

My dad means well, and he remembers some stuff, but he doesn't remember the little things and the milestones the way a mom does.

I never had the chance to ask my mom about being a mom, since she died when I was only 5 months pregnant.  We didn't get that far.  I just assumed she would be a huge part in my baby's life, and I figured I'd have her to answer questions as we went along.

These days I rely heavily on pictures.  I try to piece together my childhood through the pictures that my parents took.  I hope that they captured all of the important things on film, and I see if I can tell what type of little girl I was before I have any memories. It's fun to find pictures of me doing the same things that Leah does.

Like, take for instance, this.  This picture combo tells me that we both enjoy riding our rocking horses. 

In the nude. 



Yee Ha!


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