Summer Clothes

Yesterday was gorgeous outside, but the idea that this weather might be here to stay was tainted with a looming feeling of dread for me.  You see, for the past three years in October I've packed away summer clothes that no longer fit, with the hope that in April, I'd get to bring them up from the basement and be able to wear them.

And, once again, this April, I will not be fitting into my summer clothes.  For the third summer now.  It's quite devastating.

This may be hard to believe, but this is considered one of my thinner pics.

Before Greg and I went on our honeymoon I bought myself a new wardrobe.  I had lost about 35 lbs before my wedding and needed new clothes.  I wore those clothes for the summer of '07, when I was only a few months pregnant.  Aaaannnnd, that was the last time.

No, you're not seeing Bo Derek(s).  Just me and Adj.  In my (OUR, sorry Adj) thinner days.

I keep thinking that one day I will commit to eating better and exercising and finally stick with it.  Finally be able to say that eating right is my way of life and not just a "diet" that I'm on.  That I've finally made a lifestyle change.  But, until then, I find myself falling victim to carbs, and chocolate peanut butter eggs, and, uh, not exercising.

And carbs.  Did I mention the carbs?

 I have considerably more chins these days.

And you know, if we're being honest, I don't even want or need to be thin. I just want to be healthy.  But moreso, HAPPY.  I'm not happy at my current weight.  If I was, you'd see a lot more recent pictures of me.  I know that at this particular point in my life, I would be happier if I lost some weight.

I would be VERY VERY HAPPY if those damn summer clothes fit. 

Just some things to think about...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dana ~~

Ya know - being strict and stringent when dieting works for some....but for most it's not just realistic in the average day in the life of...

I'm trying to knock off a few (ok, more than a few! myself) as I will be Mother of the Groom in a few short months and basically I would to like to zipper and tuck in again:)

Because I run a crazy lifestyle between working 50 - 70 hours a week and taking 5 classes beisuper strict just isn't going to cut the sace - cause perfection lasts less than 48 hrs ~~ so what I've been doing is the best with what I have to work with in each scenario.

It's about choices - can I order this grilled instead of fried? am I really hungry or am I more thirsty or just plain tuckered? Will I keel over if I don't eat late at night? I try to grab a piece of fruit instead of a huge bag of whatever. Water...water... water....and sometimes that's not easy because I've outgrown diapers in youth and not quite ready to give into them for old age!

Try these basic steps...and walk when you can. Stretch when you can. Turn and do a trunk twist when you can...arm twists when you can....one positive gives incentive to another.

.......and before y ou know it...the pants will go on...then they will get zipped....and whallllaaaa zzzzzzzzzzipoittydooodaaaaa and nothing hanging over the top.

Aunt Abbe