Introductions: Doozer

When I first met Greg, he had a dog named Doozer. 
Doozer was a Rottie/Chow mix.

One of the reasons why I decided to date Greg was for Doozer.  I loved going to visit him.  Greg was nice too, but Doozer was my fave.

He was such an easy going dog.   Shortly after Greg and I moved in together, we got Penny the cat.  A few years later, we brought Ruby into the mix.  And then Leah.  And, while there were times where I swore Doozer would look at Greg and say with his eyes, "Remember when it was just us boys? The good ole' days?" I knew he loved us all, and he protected his family.

He was a big dog, but he didn't think so.  It didn't stop him from doing what the small lap dogs were up to.

He was just a good dog.  And so when he tore his ACL we thought nothing of having it repaired surgically.  And, despite a long recovery period, he was as good as new afterwards.

Doozer also held a special place in my mom's heart.  Sure, he drooled and shed, but as long as you remembered to never wear black when you came to our house, you were golden.

In 2009 Doozer developed a tumor on his leg.  The vet confirmed that it was cancer, and it was very far along.  Greg and I spent a week keeping him secluded and tending to his tumor, which was not pretty.  Or easy.  Actually, it was quite heartbreaking.  By this point, the tumor was messy and gross, but knowing that the cancer, which had spread to his lungs, was going to take over soon was just too much.  He didn't understand why we couldn't let him roam free, and we couldn't stand to watch him slowly lose his spirit.

So, we made a decision. 

And we miss him very much.
And think about him a lot.


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