I love coffee.  In a weird, strange way.  Like, I LOVE coffee.  I'm in the market for a new coffee maker these days, and while I was returning one that I tried out last week, I thought of what would be perfect for our next giveaway.  And, so therefore, I present a $15 gift card to Starbucks!

There were some questions during our last giveaway as to whether family and/or friends could try for the giveaway, and the answer is, "Yes! Of course!"  Anyone can enter the contest. 

So, leave your name and email in the comments of this post, and on Thursday, April 15th, I'll announce the winner.  Good luck!

One entry per person, please.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE coffee Dana! I think my love of coffee(or need for coffee) comes from many sleepless nights due to the terrible sleeping habits of my precious Faith! LOL
anyway...I'm right there with you and if I win, I'm taking you out for a cup of coffee....no kids in tow!


StaceFavoch said...

Pick me pick me! I could use a venti iced passion tea, sweetened right about now!


Anonymous said...

coffee... I'm on my 3rd cup as we speak... lol!!
Jenn R - jennifer5964@yahoo.com

Tammy said...

Love this giveaway. I'm a regular at the Starbucks in town. I even planned my trip to TN to include regular Bucks breaks.

Greg aka "G" said...

in the market for a coffe maker? whats wrong with the one you have? did it stop working perfectly? ill take a gift card

Abbe said...

Jumping up and down ME me ME me

Even though if I am proudly the winner it will end up in the hands of my darlin' daughter...maybe:)

Abbe said...

oooooooooooops 4got the email


karastefa said...

Gotta get my comment in before midnight or I'll turn into a grande vanilla cappuccino!

Vanessa said...

I love that you have giveaways...so fun!