Handbag Love

I get a lot of mail and feedback about this website.  I don't always get to respond to everyone, but I want you all to know that I read each and every thing you are writing to me, (sometimes two and three times) and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  There are times when I will get a message from someone that I only have known in passing who is sharing their eerily similar story with me and I am just amazed at how closely our lives resemble each others. Like "stare at screen with gaping mouth open" amazed.

I never knew just how many people out there were experiencing similar life stories and I am so thankful that you have all been kind enough to share yours with me. 

I feel like I don't say this enough, so thank you so much for the comments, stories, inspirational snippets, emails, messages, and feedback.  It's part of the healing process and it's helping me so much.

Ok!  On to cute baby pictures!

Leah is obsessed with purses.  It started when she was about a year old.  We were in Boston hanging out in our hotel and she found a small bag in our suitcase.

She played with that bag for the longest time.  Taking everything out of it and putting everything back in.  Over and over.  Her love for things that hold things began right then and there and has flourished since then.

It's gotten a little out of hand, recently.  Her need to carry around several purses has reached epic proportions.

I gotta admit, this passion for purses that my daughter has holds a special place in my heart.  Because I, too, have an unnatural obsession for handbags.  And, after a look through some albums over the weekend, I see that I started early, as well. 

I pity her future husband, who will wonder why there's no bread in the house, but a bedroom closet door that can no longer be opened without the need for protective gear.


Abbe said...

Dana ~~

Genetic handbag addiction ~~ hmm, I wonder if there's something in the DNA cause both your mother and grandmother loved their pocketbooks!

I do have to say that your post brought a quizzical raised eyebrow ~~ you know as soon as your Mom told me you were preggers I imagined the soon to be Leah dressed in designer clothes. Your Mom sure did love her designer names.

Without a doubt your Mom would have had a Coach or Louis Vitton baby pocketbook for Leah, which would have cost approx $250 and your Dad would be told it was less than $100 :) c'mon tell me that ain't the truth :)

Aunt Abbe

april said...

You are Leah are too cute with your little bags!!

Deenuts Dana said...

Aunt Abbe-

That's hilarious! I had forgotten about how my mom "stretched the truth" when it came to telling my dad how much things were.

Too funny!