Over the weekend, we headed to a birthday party for one of Leah's friends.  It was at a place called Giggles Play Station.  According to their website, "Giggles Play Station offers a clean, safe environment for children of all ages to have fun on different levels. We have the Toddler Area and kiddie rides for ages 3 and under, the jungle gym, bouncer and animated games geared for children 3-8, plus slot cars and the hottest video and skill games for the older children (and their parents, too!). There is something here for everyone!"

According to me, the experience was likened to spending two hours with 100 kids on crack. 
Leah liked some of the activities...

Was indifferent to some of the activities...

And did not enjoy some activities...


The list of activities that she downright despised is longer, but since I try to be a good mom, I did not take pictures of those times.  But, let me just tell you:  it was funny.  Not in a cruel way, but what kid cries on a kiddie train?  Or refuses to get into a ball pit?  Toughen up, lady!
Anyway, it was an interesting experience, and, as she gets older, more of her friends will be having these kid parties at these clean, safe environment(s) for children of all ages to have fun on different levels, so I guess I better get used to popping 3 Aleeve before we walk in the front door. 


Andrea Clayton said...

Oh yes, these places are nuts. Also, let me warn you . . .lately the parties we have gone to have only provided soda for 4 year old birthday parties. Cake and soda, am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? Maybe it's an Alabama thing.

Anonymous said...

I always hated the "pit o' balls" at Chuck e Cheese. I distinctly remember jumping in and feeling like the balls were smothering me. I get it.