What I Got

There are good days and there are bad days.

There are happy days and there are sad days.

There are busy days and there are really busy days.

There are times that I can't believe I've accomplished so much and there are times that I can't believe how much more I have to accomplish.

There are a few loads of laundry to do and there are enough loads to clothe a family of 8 for 4 months.

There are a few work projects and there are work theses.

There are rooms to be vacummed and there are rooms that need an industrial cleaning company.

There are weekends and there are holiday weekends.

There are strawberries and there are strawberries that come from your backyard.

There are husbands and there are husbands that leave you flowers on your desk.

There are families and there's my family.

Life's too short so love the one you got.

*I slept 11 hours last night.  ELEVEN.  Damn you, Jon Bon!

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