Mommy Guilt

I've been experiencing some big-time mommy guilt.

It's hard to leave this face every morning.

Greg's been working long hours and I've been parenting solo on many days and I feel like all I'm doing is rushing to get Leah dressed and to school in the morning and then fed and in bed at night. 

And I'm missing everything in between.

It's killing me.

If you happen to pass me in the car while I'm on my commute, you may see me crying. 

Please just ignore.

I know that I signed up for this.  The day we bought this house, and our cars, and, essentially our lifestyle, I signed up for working full time in order to be able to support my family.

It just kills me some days.  I never thought that I could love something as much as I love Leah.

And I want to do so many things with her but have so little time.

And on some days I have a lot of trouble dealing with it.


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StaceFavoch said...

Loooove that last pic of you. Facebook default material! :) - S