Giveaway Winner!

Of the 11 giveaway comments, number 6 was randomly chosen.  And number six is Stacey!  Who happens to be my cousin.  And what's so great about her winning today is that in a few hours she is graduating from Ryder!  I BBMed her to tell her the good news and she sent me this picture back.  I am really proud of Stacey, who will be heading to UConn for grad. school in a few days.  One day I'll do a proper post about Stacey and her family, who are all remarkable people who have been through some remarkable things.  So, congratulations Stacey!  Your bracelet is on its way!  You deserve it!

I was going to post a Healing Corner post today of something that I wrote, but then I thought about things.  Here I am excited about Stacey winning (and graduating) and then I'm going to go right into a depressing literary piece in order effectively bring down my mood and the mood everyone who happens to read it? 


Add to the fact that I might have figured out a way to get my cat to cease urinating in one corner of my home (and it doesn't entail getting rid of the cat), we are getting some new carpet installed in our family room this weekend, and I got a 30% off coupon in the mail from Kohls!  These are all good things, and, despite a death of a family friend and a grave medical situation for a family member, I think I would like to just take some time today to focus on the good. 

So there you have it:  Stacey is graduating and gets a bracelet from Jo's Codependent Kitty Creations, (don't forget:  free earrings with every purchase of $15 or more between May 16-June 15, when you mention DeenutsDana in your transaction), cats don't pee on aluminum foil on, I'm single handedly bringing back shag carpet, and Kohl's loves me, really loves me!

Have a good weekend, folks! 

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S said...

YES!! Woo. I'm so excited, thank you so much for the kind words, the link, and of course, the bracelet! I should go update my blog now, in case someone clicks it, huh? :D

Thanks again and love you!