A Big Deal

So, I ran.  For an amount of time and a distance that I should be embarassed of.  But I'm not. 

The first two minutes of running were brutal.  I was about ready to turn around and go home.  And I would have, but by the time I convinced myself that it was okay to quit, the two minutes were over.  And the voice on my ipod said you should be able to completely recover over the next three minutes, just in time for the next two minute run, and I laughed, because there was no way I was going to recover.  I was going to vomit, is what I thought I was going to do.

But, I recovered.  In time for the next two minute run.  Which was also brutal. 

But not as brutal as the first.  Which really surprised me.  Because I didn't expect things to get easier as I went along.  And, as I continued with this run-two-minute, walk-three-minute cycle over and over I began to experience something that can only be described as:

Periods Of Time That Did Not Suck Entirely.


Don't get me wrong, most periods of time sucked.  But there were some that didn't.  And, when Todd's (Tom?) voice told me that the running portion of the exercise was complete, and all I had to finish was a 5 minute cool down walk, I turned off Todd's (Tom?) program and switched over to my playlist, and smiled a little as I finished up.

A LITTLE.  Don't go thinking I skipped and frolicked my way down the road.  I smiled a teensy bit, because I've NEVER run and yesterday I did, and that's a big deal.


karastefa said...

Who's Tom/dd - what were you listening to? Go, you! Wish our town had a nice, long, SAFE (no cars) path somewhere.

Deenuts Dana said...

Tom/dd is the voice of the guy who narrates (and I believe created) the running program I am using. It's called 5K101 and I found it by doing a search on itunes for "running programs." (Talented I am, huh? He's very enthusiastic and, while the music leaves much to be desired, I find myself clinging to every word he utters, just because it's something else to focus on rather than running.

If you have an iphone or itouch, you can download Tom/dd's lovely voice over your own playlist, but I don't, so it's strange techno-light music for me!