Dear Mom...

So, I wanted to make something to remember you by, and I can't whittle wood, and I'm not good with paper mache, and I've never been too fond of voodoo dolls, and I don't have room in my house for a shrine.  So I started a blog.  And, it's going well!  Don't get me wrong-it takes up way too much time, but I've decided that Leah should be cooking her own food and changing her own diapers by this age, so, voila!  I've found the time.

Anyway, I've gotten some great feedback.  People seem to enjoy it.  And if that's just lip service, well, then continue to serve, lips of the people, because I love it and it makes me feel good and I'm going to try to keep it up.

There have been some tough posts to write, but I just keep telling myself that's part of the process and all writers must face strife and humility, and one day, when I get over myself, and stop acting like I delivered Jesus while taking a break from all-important blogging, and remember that I am still a regular person who buys her underwear at Costco, I am hoping that I will look back on this blog and really be proud of what I've accomplished. 

Until then, of course, I continue to go to work each day and blog each night so that I may make enough money for Leah's therapy that she will inevitably need thanks to my penchant for diarrhea of the mouth on this here website. 

So, that's it, Ma.  Hope Heaven's serving mashed potatoes tonight.  I know they were your favorite!

Mom and Dana, 1994


adri said...

love it so sweet and i had the same dress in turquoise!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana, What a beautiful tribute to your mom, my dear friend Pat. I so enjoy seeing the pictures of your whole family. The baby is precious! And I am really proud of your dad taking care of the baby. I know you miss mom so much but be assured she will hold you and Leah in her arms in heaven.
Love, Lynn (Gabriel)Pascale