Winter Blues

Right around this time every year I start getting stir crazy.  The weather starts getting to me and all I can think of is going to the beach.  (I somehow neglect to think of the horror of putting on a bathing suit.)

I feel like I get really bad seasonal depression, and winter is just too long.  I probably shouldn't be living in NJ if this is the way I feel, since winters are pretty significant here.  (I usually do not remember just how uncomfortable hot weather can be, and just how embarassing it can be to stick to one's chair when standing up.)

Right around daylight savings time I start hoping for warm weather and begin dreaming about when we can open the pool and start having dinner outside on the patio. (I also own a watch that flat-out refuses to allow me to properly set it.  So, I am stuck with the wrong time on my wrist for the next six months. This is a "con" of daylight savings, I guess.)

A few years ago my dad took my family to Jamaica.  It was our last family vacation together. 

It was fun, but I got into a few fights with my brother while we were there.  We caused a few scenes in the resort and probably raised a few highbrows.  I wish I could go back to that time, and sort of re-live the vacation. 

I wish I could turn back time and be more appreciative of what my parents did for us.  Maybe not act like a total spoiled brat.  Maybe not take for granted being with my whole family.  Maybe make the most of the time of  with my mom.  If I knew our time together was so shortlived. 

I miss our family vacations together...

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