The Healing Corner: Christie's Story


Thank you for always being so innocent. I was young and wreckless when you left, and I wish I didn’t take you for granted. Thank you for singing me to sleep all those nights when you were here visiting growing up. Even though you were all into god and the church and I was and still am not, I know it was a huge part of you and still is a huge part of mommy’s life. I’m sorry I was so hostile and frustrated when you were living with us and made you think you were a burden, cause I’d give anything to have you back. It’s been almost ten years, and I hate myself everyday for the way treated you and mommy back then, especially that last day I saw you. I love you and miss you so much.

editor's note: The Healing Corner is a section of this blog that is open for contributions from readers. You can write about yourself, a loved one (with us or deceased), my mom, a pet, a particular time in your life, etc. The sky's the limit with The Healing Corner. I will gladly accept any form of writing (letter, story, poem, haiku,) and you are more than welcome to include pictures. Your submission can include your name, can remain anonymous, or can be accompanied with a pen name; it's entirely up to you. All I ask is that the submission be from the heart. Thank you.

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