Week in Mobile Uploads

Well.  This week just about did me in.  I make it a point not to talk about my job on here, but this week the amount of work that accumulated for me to tackle reached insurmountable proportions.  Again.

Suffice to say, Dana: 0, Dana's Job: 1.

Therefore, my picture taking was, at best, lax.  Let's see if I can piece together my week by what's on my phone.

Ah, yes, Sunday brunch.  The week started with such high hopes!  These little babies were part of a brunch that Greg and I hosted at our house.  Just looking at them makes me thirsty.

This is a picture of Leah with her block books shoved in her pockets.  I think it's adorable when kids put things in their pockets, and I showed Leah how she could put things like ONE block book in there if she wanted.  She's an overachiever, that kid, because she had to put the entire set of block books in her pockets. 

This week brought some nice weather, which was greatly appreciated.  Our neighborhood ice cream parlors have opened and guess who's babysitter works at the Sparta Dairy?!  This is Leah enjoying a cup of ice cream.  It's vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.  And, no, she'd rather not share.

Ah, to be young and have the time to sit down on a tiny bench with a tiny book and think tiny thoughts about tiny problems.  So jealous.

Yo, even princesses have to sit at the table and eat dinner. 

And finally, I love office supplies.  Whenever there are new pens in my supply closet at work I get a little giddy.  I think about a certain type of pen fondly.  Something that I have referred to, for the last 25 years, as THE TEACHER PEN.  And last week, in a moment of nostalgia, I began googling the coveted teacher's pen. 

Back in fourth grade my homeroom teacher Mr. Grimes gave everyone a teacher pen for Christmas. I made the mistake of leaving mine in my desk when my class switched rooms for language arts (Mrs. Kish: ker-ray-zee), and, when I returned, the pen was gone.  I explained what had happened to Mr. Grimes, but he refused to give me another one. I was devastated. 

And then, one day, while walking in the hallway, I looked down on the floor and there was a teacher's pen!  I just about died right then and there.  So, it should come as no surprise to you all that when 12 of these little babies arrived at my house on Thursday, I was estatic.  It took a while, but I had found a place that still carried the teacher pens and was willing to ship me a dozen.

It's hard to tell but it's a two sided pen: one side red, one side blue.
All sides COOL.

So, how about we have a little giveaway?  Sounds fun.  Ok, here are the rules.

In the comments section, answer this question: Do you think that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio should get married and live happily ever after forever and ever?

Totally kidding.  Just put your name. 

Don't forget to include your EMAIL ADDRESS, so I can let you know that you've won and get your mailing address.

I'll randomly pick a number on Wednesday of next week and that person will win a TEACHER PEN of their very own!

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Let's hope that next week is better! (It obviously will be for whoever wins the teacher pen! Who's with me??!!)


Andrea L. Kalokitis Photography said...

Did you know Mr Grimes just retired, and before he did my boys had him as their teacher. Cool huh. I still love those pens too!!!

eileensc said...

I would love a teacher's pen. Especially because I am a teacher (and I love my red ink)

karastefa said...

I'm the same way with office supplies - and hardware stores. Pick me! Pick me!

april said...

Mrs Kish used to throw erasers at us lol loved her

Nance said...

Like I need something new to obsess over. Sheesh, I can't believe I never heard of this type of pen, but I'm gonna have to hop to it and find one.

Andrea Clayton said...

Blog Candy, yay! (that's free stuff in blogging land) I love pens and all things office supply as well. I've never seen a pen like this before. I see why you hunted for them.

StaceFavoch said...

Those were my favorite!! And, office supplies make me too excited to be considered normal. Personal fave? Highlighters with the post-it flags in them. Or just post-its in general.

Catherine Collette said...

Whoo-Hoo a new pen! We are running a little low on those around here. In my pen box there are currently 3 unsharpened pencils, 6 Shapies, 1 bright yellow highlighter, 3 dry erase markers and 3 Crayola Color Wonder markers. Zero ballpoint pens.

Anonymous said...

OMG the suspense is killing me i cant wait to see who wins the pen!

Anonymous said...

OMG cant wait to see who wins the pen the suspense is killing me!