Dear Mom...

Yesterday Greg and I celebrated a belated Valentine's Day out.  We dropped off Leah at your house for Daddy's first big babysitting gig!  It's taken 23 months, but we thought it was finally time for him to babysit The Little Dictator.  It's only fair--everyone else in the family has.  Save for Marco.  We need a little more time to prepare for THAT.  Thankfully, Adriana was there for a few hours, since Leah decided to poop THREE times!  Can you imagine if Daddy had to change those diapers??  Greg and I joked that he probably would have just taken her outside and hosed her down.

When we arrived back at your house Leah was still in one piece.  Daddy looked exhausted!  She didn't nap for him, despite his best efforts, and the house was a mess.  But, it seemed like both of them had had a wonderful time together.  Leah loves him: says "pa pa" all the time, gets excited when we pull on your street, and knows that he's one more person in her arsonal that will let her get away with anything.

I often think about how much time you would have been spending with Leah if you were here.  I think about how you would have probably come and picked her up on Saturday mornings and taken her for a day of Grandma time.  How the two of you would have been best friends.  How I would have put her on the phone to talk to you when you called.  I wonder what name she would have made up for you.  It's just heartbreaking knowing that she won't feel the excitement of going to see Grandma that I used to feel with Nanny Vi.

But, she's definately going to feel the excitement of going to see Grandpa Enzo.  That I'm sure of.

Mom-you would have been proud of Daddy yesterday.  He did a great job.


Dana and Adriana, August 2004

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