The Healing Corner: April's Story

 In Memory of Nicholas J. Case


Nick and April
That's how everyone knew us
Even after everything and even still.

You pulled me in so long ago and I never got away
no matter how much I tried
you were locked in my heart even when we couldn't be together.

You are still in the showcase,
(You never even left, like you thought)
You are all over my house
my mind, my thoughts
my memories, my dreams,
my days and my nights
my world and my life
burned into my soul you
are there with me.

Nick, the life of the party
the laugh that still lingers
the smile that brightened
the attitude and personality that encouraged
the guy everyone loved, the happiest and the saddest,
the man of the hour in your suit and Pop's hat.
the dancer, the singer, the music lover, the biker,
the boater, the driver, the player, the smart ass, the jokester,
the lover, the fighter, the friend.
You will never leave us.

You changed my life more than you knew
You showed me things I never would have seen
Brought me places I never would have gone
Introduced me to people I would never have met
Gave me experiences I'll never forget
You brought me into your life, your heart, your group
And they've been my family ever since.
I have so much to thank you for and no more time to do it.

I'm sorry you hurt so much
Felt so much guilt, I'm sorry for your pain
If I could have I would've taken it away
I would have carried the burden for you if there was any way
I smile when I think of you, I laugh at our videos, I admire you in our pictures
I see you everywhere and in everything and I know you are there.
You are etched into my memory and for that I am grateful.

Stay with me, babe, because I need you now more than ever,
I miss you more than I can say and the tears that fall from my eyes are yours.
Keep me strong, be by my side
I may have been your angel in life
Now you are my guardian angel from Heaven.
Rest in peace, Nick, Until we meet again
I love you.


Anonymous said...
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Tracy Crum said...

Beautifully written April. Nick will always be with you, we all know this. And one day we will all meet again.

april said...

Thanks Tray. I can't believe I wrote that in 2003. Such a different time!