Steel Magnolias

I have a friend who, at 33, became a widow last week.

I have a friend who is 7 months pregnant with her second child and found out earlier in the week that her husband has leukemia.

I have a friend who is separated from her husband, has two children, and was just laid off from her job.

There are women in my life who have experienced death, disease, miscarriage, debt, infertility, drugs and more. 

There are times I look at any tragedy I've suffered, and I think, it could be worse, Dana.  It could be so much worse.  You may not have your mother, but you have your husband, your daughter, your family, your health.  Be thankful that it's not worse.

We often look at other people who have endured a horrible experience and think I could never go through that and live.  I could never handle that, and then something devastating happens to us, and we find ourselves automatically handling it, going through the motions, making it work, dealing with it, and before you know it, we've lived through it.  Through something we never thought we'd be strong enough to endure.  And we're still alive.  And at times perhaps thriving.  And we're stronger than we've ever imagined.

We will all go through our own tragedy.  And it will be something that we never thought we'd be able to handle.  And we will do it and surprise ourselves. 

To the women in my life going through these tough times: You can do it.  That's all I can say. 


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